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Financial Wellbeing: Plan your future Today

With Guest Speaker: Zoë Cousens Financial wellbeing is beyond just finances. In fact, it affects individual's overall performance and mental health. If you want to enjoy your life and have access to some of the good things in life, then you need to be financially 

Flow in the Work-Place: The Science of Engagement and Optimal Productivity

With Guest Speaker: Dr. Marco Giannecchini - neuroscientist (FLOW and medical expert), TED Talk speaker, entrepreneur, author Modern Organizations are reconsidering their current traditional tools to create fulfillment and productivity at work: Conventional leadership and productivity models are at risk and alternatives such as FLOW 

Peak Performance in the Work-Place – What can we learn from Elite Athletes

With Guest Speaker: Peter Judge Triathlete, Ironman and coach helping athletes and business professionals breakthrough to high performance Continuous Peak Performance in the workplace is what today makes the difference between a successful career and a job. The world of athletes and high performers at 

Renewing Energy for Performance in Tough Times

With Guest Speaker: Andrew Deutscher - a worldwide keynote speaker, author, and performance expert and Founder of Regenerate™ Register Here’s not so much what happens to us, it’s really about what happens next. Whatever challenges confront us, the key lies in how we respond. 

Legends and Truths – The Science behind Happiness

With Guest Speaker: Dr. Louise Lambert Register Here seems we are all striving towards happiness; yet, why do we remain unhappy? What does it have to do with our brains, perceptions and how we behave? Is it innate for us to be happy or 

Reinventing Leadership in Times of Change: A Human Centric Model

Speakers: Elena Agaragimova – Ivan Palomino Register Here traditional leadership of “Command & Control” has been resilient for so many years but as corporations become more dependent on Agility and Innovation; our new world requires a new type of leaders. In a recent KPMG 

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