Seven in 10 UAE residents open to seek help for mental health issues: Survey

Most UAE residents would seek professional help if they or someone they knew was suffering from mental health problems, according to a new survey, suggesting that people were ready to break the stigma surrounding the topic.

A recent YouGov survey shows that the proportion saying they would get expert assistance varies depending on the type of issue.

The research comes as part of the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) ‘Happy Lives, Healthy Communities’ strategy to remove the stigma around mental health.

Sixty-two per cent of those surveyed said they would seek professional help if they had suicidal thoughts and 61 per cent said it’s time to consult an expert if self-harm was involved.

It found that more than seven in 10 (72 per cent) would seek – or suggest seeking – help from a mental health professional if they (or a person they are close to) were struggling with their mental health.

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