A Bit About Us

In July 2019, a couple of us were hanging out. We were concerned for a friend who was facing some mental health issues. Ten minutes into googling for support services and such in the UAE we came to the shocking realisation, that there was very little information available. 

Immediately we wanted to do something regarding the understanding, acceptance and awareness of mental health in the UAE.  

That is how the idea of Mental Health UAE started.

With humble beginnings as an idea in a coffee shop, we hope to bring awareness and understanding to the UAE. 

In time we hope to facilitate meetups, talks, events, and awareness events. 

We need your support!



We wanted our logo to be symbolic of everyone’s mental health journey. So, we started with a semicolon, protected by a heart.

In grammar, it marks a point at which the author could have ended the sentence but decided to keep going. As a globally-recognized suicide prevention symbol it reminds all those who need it, that their story isn’t finished. And the heart protecting it symbolizes the courage it takes to keep going.

The butterfly is an icon of change and growth; of flight. The abstract polygon design represents how shattered we can feel. But when we put our broken pieces together, they can become our wings.

And then we carefully chose colors that represent the warmth of our soul, the complexity of our emotions, the determination and resilience of our being.