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In July 2019, a couple of use were hanging out. We were concerned for a friend who was facing some mental health issues. Ten minutes into googling for support services and such in the UAE. We came to the shocking realisation, that there was very little information available. 

Immediately we wanted to do something regarding the understanding, acceptance and awareness of mental health in the UAE.  

That is how the idea of Mental Health UAE started.

With humble beginnings as an idea in a coffee shop, we hope to bring awareness and understanding to the UAE. 

In time we hope to facilitate meetups, talks, events, and awareness events. 

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Events / Talks on MEETUP

Take a moment to click over to our meetup page and signup. We will use meetup for our talks and events. 

Mental Health UAE

Dubai, AE
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1 in 5 people are impacted by mental health issues.Our aim is to create awareness and provide resources. If Mental Health is something that you feel strongly about, join!!Pl...

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It’s natural to go through ups and downs in life. Sometimes you bounce right back when you’re feeling down. Other times, you may need help to recover and return to feeling like your usual self.

So how can you tell when you need help? The Mental Health Continuum Model illustrates the different mental health phases you may experience throughout your life and career.

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