Mental Health Terms

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder
A pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts.

Repeated irresistible tendency to fall asleep in quiet surroundings or when engaged in monotonous activities.

A state of diminished consciousness or complete unconsciousness caused by the use of narcotic drugs which have a depressant effect on the central nervous system.

A set of psychological and physical symptoms, including fatigue, irritability, headache, dizziness, anxiety and intolerance of noise.

A mental illness in which insight is retained but there is a maladaptive way of behaving or thinking that causes suffering. For example, depression, anxiety, phobias or obsessions.

Nicotine-induced Disorder (Nicotine withdrawal)
The presence of a characteristic withdrawal syndrome that develops after the abrupt cessation of, or reduction in, the use of nicotine-containing products such as cigarettes followed by a prolonged period of daily use.

Non-hospital based acute inpatient unit
A facility that provides acute inpatient services located on a non-hospital site.

Non-hospital based extended inpatient unit
A facility that provides extended inpatient services located on a non-hospital campus.

Unspoken rules of conduct or standards of acceptable behaviour in a culture.

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