Degree Programs

برامج الشهادة

For those looking to degree programs, these are a few that we have found in the UAE, feel free to reach out to let us know if there are others.

Middlesex University Dubai


BSc Honours Psychology with Human Resource Management

BSc Honours Psychology with Marketing

BSc Honours Psychology with Education

BSc Honours Psychology with Counselling Skills

MSc Applied Psychology

Welcome to Middlesex University Dubai campus and undergraduate programmes in Psychology. Your programme combines broad learning in Psychology with a specialist strand that focuses on specific areas such as Counselling Skills, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Education. Successful completion of the is an important first step for those who wish to pursue further training in different areas of psychology such as clinical, counseling, educational, and forensic or health psychology. The choice of specific streams like Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Education offers future studies in psychology-related areas i.e. Organisational Psychology, Educational Psychology, or stream-specific areas such as Master in Human Resource Management or MBA in Marketing.

Canadian University Dubai


Bachelor of Psychology

Canadian University Dubai’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will provide students with a range of interpersonal skills and an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and thought processes that will help them excel in a variety of career fields as well as pursue graduate studies. Our graduates will be trained in psychological assessment, behavior modification, critical thinking, one-on-one and group communication, understanding individual, group and organizational behavior and counselling.

Heriot-Watt University - Dubai


Psychology BSc (Hons)

MSc Business Psychology

The Psychology BSc (Hons) is suitable for students with a science or commerce background who are interested in the systematic study of cognition, mind and behaviour. Students may wish to take this knowledge into a career in industry or complete further training to become a professional psychologist.

American University of Dubai


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.P.)

Psychology provides a framework for understanding and managing mental health, organizational success, and society’s wellbeing and happiness. At AUD we are committed to an education that enhances students’ critical thinking, their understanding of complex behaviors and relations, and their skills in promoting healthy workforces, corporate cultures, and communities.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.P.) program at AUD delivers a broad understanding of psychology and its related fields, while exposing students to more specialist areas like social and personality psychology, clinical psychology, consumer and organizational psychology as well as the psychology of advertising. Thus, students will gain a well-rounded education in the foundations of psychology as well as more in depth expertise in the areas of biological, industrial and applied psychology.

New York University Abu Dhabi


Psychology Major

Psychology studies the mind and behavior. The major in Psychology introduces students to the main concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the field.

Students gain the ability to think scientifically, creatively, and critically about human behavior and mental processes; to acquire the basic skills for conducting research in these areas; and to develop a general understanding of psychology as both a natural science and a social science.

American University of Sharjah


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human experience. A discipline that can be applied to all aspects of everyday life, psychology considers both the internal and external factors that affect people and how we think, behave and develop.

Psychologists are fascinated by the internal functions of the mind, seeking to understand human development and the behavior of individuals, organizations and even nations. Since the time of Ancient Greece, the study of psychology has been at the very foundation of human development and education.

Today, a degree in psychology is one of the most popular qualifications across the world, with graduates leading in an expanding range of professional fields. Psychologists are lifelong learners, influencing individuals, organizations and society as clinical mental health workers, business professionals, organizational psychologists, social workers, educators and criminal justice advocates, among other professions.