Initiated in 2019 by Ali Khawaja and Latifa Bin Haider, Mental Health AE embarked on a purposeful journey with a singular aim – to foster awareness about mental health, wellness, and the associated stigma prevalent in the country.

As its resonance grew, so did its influence. Today, Mental Health AE boasts thousands of followers and members. With more than 100 events, and excess of 40 podcasts episodes. They have created a voice for those who were too fearful to speak and a safe space for those who had none.

Now an established podcast channel, Mental Health AE continues to tread the path of enlightenment. Delving into multifaceted topics and featuring seasoned specialists, the channel transcends barriers to raise public consciousness about mental health. It serves as a beacon, illuminating avenues to a more fulfilled life.

our latest podcasts

S03E10 – Communication in Healthy Relationships – Ray

Ali and Ray stress the importance of effective communication in nurturing relationships. They highlight the need to address significant topics early on, avoiding the consequences of avoidance. Trust and respect are pivotal. They share anecdotes, emphasizing how open dialogue shapes these…

S03E09 – Not everything is a RED FLAG – Ray

In this insightful and candid conversation, Ali and Ray delve into the intricacies of relationship red flags and green flags. They explore various scenarios, discussing how certain behaviors might signal potential problems or positive qualities in a relationship. Covering topics…

S03E08 – Balance of Life – Yoga – Hazar

Dive into the world of yoga and life balance with Ali and his guest Hazar in this captivating podcast episode. As they chat about their shared journey in entrepreneurship and mindfulness, they explore how yoga serves as a powerful tool…

Podcast Special Series - From Adolescence to Adulthood

Tuesday Talks have taken a turn and we at Mental Health AE are doing something new with someone new. We are excited to introduce you to our podcast series: From Adolescence to Adulthood – Understanding the Challenges and Navigating the Journey.

In this series we bring are joined by an expert in the field to give us valuable insights. Nokhez Usama is a neuropsychologist and is currently working as a behavioral therapist here in Dubai. She has joined the Mental Health AE team to bring insight and awareness to mental health matters. Together we have mapped out 3 part series, 2 episodes each, as well as expert guests; diving into the different themes in the journey of adolescence to adulthood.

Keep an eye out for our podcast updates and tune in.

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Excited to be part of our mission? Let’s embark on this meaningful journey together, as we open up valuable conversations.

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